Announcing WebMail!
Open Webmail is a web-based e-mail client that allows you to access your e-mail functions via a web browser. Read and send your email from anywhere with an internet connection. On the road, in a cybercafe, at the library, or from someone else's computer!

To access your webmail go to:
and enter your e-mail account login information.

You may continue to use your other web client like Outlook Express or use both. Just remember once you read your e-mail from one it will not come in again with the other.

Hint: Set up your account properties in Outlook to enable the feature "Leave a copy of messages on server", so it can be read by Webmail when at another computer.


WebMail Features

  • Sending/receiving messages with multiple attachments.
  • Each user has their own address book, which can be popped up during message composition in a separate window, without disrupting your e-mail in progress. Users can even import their address book from Outlook Express or Netscape Mail in CSV format.
  • Inline image attachment display.
  • Friendly, attractive, icon-based user interface -- If you don't agree, you can create your own using the built-in interface template support!
  • Multiple folders, default ones like SENT and TRASH, and support for user-created ones as well.
  • Configurable limits on outgoing attachment size, folder disk usage, addressbook size.
  • User preferences, including number of messages displayed on a page, language, signature, and style (color scheme of interface).
  • Multiple language support.
  • Many more little niceties you might not expect to get in a webmail client.

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